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Jewellery is something you buy with great care and consideration, because you or someone you love will wear it close to their heart. That's why we put so much care and thought into our service to honour your valued relationships and stand behind it.

We haven't been as long as diamonds have, but our history of three generations as s family-led company culminates in our affiliation with diamonds. However, the beauties of our diamonds were realized only after they found their destinations in unique jewellery designed for them. Throughout our history, we have driven change and set standards in the jewellery industry. With our commitment to quality, standards and services, we continue to be one of the leaders in fine jewellery.

Our artists' creativity and long quest for perfect balance between aesthetics, grandeur and ease are embodied in our jewellery collection. This insatiable curiosity and exploring spirit drove us to create jewels of artful precision and beauty, thus presenting a collection of heart-felt jewellery.

In other words, the meticulous attention to detail and dedication to value allows us to say that there's jewellery and then there is Sheths' jewellery, a place where art meets the heart.

Director Speaks –

"I find beauty in things that I loved as a child....., the sun and the sand, the trees and the stars, the leaves and the flowers, the art and the hearts....

My jewellery seeks to inspire those who wear it. I like to call it a tribute to fine art as I have tried to give each piece a special meaning either through exquisite designs or through sparkling diamonds and precious gem stones."

--Sanjeev Sheth

1. Hongkong - March, September

2. Mumbai,India (IIJS)

3. Messe Freiburg, Germany - April

4. Kuwait - April

5. Sharjah - April, October

152/8 Silom Road, Suriyawongse, Bangrak,
Bangkok, 10500, Thailand
TEL: +(66) 2635 6335 FAX: +(66) 2635 6340

Brand Name: S H E T H S (Fine HeArt Jewellery)
Product/Service Range: Manufacturer of Fine Gold Jewellery
in 18K, 14k Gold studded with Diamonds and precious stones.
Custom made, wholesalers & Retailers of Fine HeArt Jewellery